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Sasquatch Waste helps you save big bucks by optimizing waste compaction, reducing haul-off frequency, and minimizing waste budgets. It's a win-win for your wallet and the environment!

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Sasquatch Waste is your go-to guardian of the green, helping you pocket some serious cash. Our cutting edge compaction technology ensures you fit more into every bin, slashing the number of costly haul-offs you need.

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Whether you're knee-deep in manufacturing, working in residential or commercial construction, managing a bustling municipality, or running a distribution center that's wilder than a yeti in heat, our roll-off compactor is the ticket to slashing waste management costs and handling trash like a champ.

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What is the benefit of using Sasquatch's waste compaction services?

We save you time - You will spend less time worrying about whether or not your hauling company will pick up your full dumpster in a timely manner. With our quick and convenient on-site compaction services, we will give you up to 70% more room in your “full” dumpster which allows you to continue your work.

We save you money - The cost of our service is a fraction of the cost of a new dumpster swap.  We eliminate up to 50% of the haul-offs you are used to using. This results in a cost saving of up to 30%. Less hauls equals more money saved.

We save you space - Our mobile compaction truck has a 3-ton barrel that helps compact trash safely inside of your dumpster, eliminating wasted space and leaving room for you to put more trash inside of a single dumpster.

What kind of trash can you compact?

Our compaction services will compact most solid waste materials. We do not compact concrete, masonry, roofing shingles, or red iron. Have a question about your materials? Give us a call!

Will using Sasquatch’s compaction services put my dumpster overweight?

We get this question the most! 90% of the time, our service will NOT put you over your weight limit where you will incur overage fees. However, in the case that our service puts you over your limit, our service, with additional tonnage fees, is still less expensive than the cost of a new dumpster. We want to help you win the war on waste by compacting the materials that help you save time, money, and space.

What are the upfront fees for Sasquatch?

There are no upfront expenses with Sasquatch's mobile waste compacting services! That's right, none. You will only be charged when we perform a compaction for you.

How many times can I have my roll-off dumpster compacted before it needs to be hauled away?

You can have your open-top dumpster compacted three or more times before needing to call for a haul-off, depending on the type of materials you are disposing of. For the greatest cost savings and reduction to your waste's ecological impact, we advise having at least two trash compacting service calls performed on an open-top dumpster before calling your waste management provider for a haul-off.

Are Sasquatch’s services an eco-friendly waste management solution?

Heck yes! By reducing the number of round-trip hauls it takes to empty your dumpster by heavy, fuel-burning dumpster trucks and switching to Sasquatch’s quick and efficient compaction services, you are lowering your carbon footprint starting with the first compaction!

How much time is needed for each trash compacting session?

Sasquatch’s waste compaction services take an average of 10 minutes to compact your trash and leave you with up to 70% more space in your dumpster.

Do I need to set a schedule or preferred lead time for service?

We offer a variety of service packages and price points that give you options to create a more custom approach to your specific trash needs. These options are based on volume and consistency. However, we also offer a “call-as-needed” service for any one-and-done customer.

Does Sasquatch service the type of roll-off dumpster rental I have?

We can service any open-top 20, 30, and 40-yard dumpster. We do not service concrete/demolition dumpsters.

Are Sasquatch’s trash compactor services safe for my dumpster rentals?

Sasquatch’s compacting trucks are engineered with safety in mind.  Our 3-ton barrel is specifically designed for open-top dumpsters. We are capable of efficiently compacting your trash without the added worry of damaging your rental. Unlike on-site forklifts, excavators, and skid steers, our machine does not use heavy hydraulic pressure to compact and instead uses the weight of the drum to maximize efficiency.

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